Italian cuisine

Experience and passion

Roman cuisine, revisited traditional cuisine, typical Italian dishes, fresh pasta rolled out with a rolling pin, fish from our seas, first choice meats and pizzeria!

At Babbo’s there are all the flavors of the Roman world.
The best dishes of the Capitoline cuisine.
Because at Babbo’s the quality of the raw materials comes first.

From long leavening pizza, to the best selection of local cured meats and cheeses up to our seafood specialties (fresh fish every day) and land (meat also grilled) and finally a great choice of the best Italian wines.

Very fresh fish

The fish we use in our dishes is the fish from our fish market. We are talking about fresh fish, chosen and purchased directly by our chef Fabio.
This is the reason behind the quality of our fish dishes.

Among our most loved dishes, there are spaghetti with clams and oysters.

True Roman cuisine

Roman cuisine made by the Romans

Our chef is Fabio, born in Rome with a passion for Roman cuisine. In addition to the typical Roman dishes, at Babbo’s you can also taste “Fabio’s abbacchio”.
When Roman cuisine is made with passion by the Romans, the difference is noticeable.

Bucatini alla matriciana, carbonara, lamb and puntarelle are just some of the Roman dishes that can be tasted at Babbo’s.

Our pizzas, our passion!

Our pizzas are cooked only with first choice yeast and even the raw materials used for the pizza toppings are carefully chosen by our chef Fabio. Babbo’s In fact, despite being in a very touristy place, aims to provide customers with real Roman cuisine and it is no coincidence that it is frequented by Romans even before tourists.

Those who come to Babbo’s always come back, because the quality of the food and its preparation make the difference.